Top 5 mobile development Cross platforms

Generally, Mobile developer normally thinks about the selection of the platform while startup to have on the safe side from future hassles, especially for the Android and iPhone. As we all well aware with the many version of the Android and application need to support as per that other than that there are various screen resolution devices to make an app in such way that it should have a compatible view in every screen.

People Nowadays diverted to SDK or Cross Platform application development so that it will save the time of the development and have the Android and iPhone technology as well as windows and blackberry.

Following are the most preferable mobile development platform accepted by developers community

1. PhoneGap
2. WidgetPad
3. Appcelerator
4. RhoMobile
5. MoSync

Manthan Bhavsar

Manthan Bhavsar

Mr. Manthan Bhavsar works with Metizsoft Solutions, a leading mobile app, and e-commerce web development firm. Being passionate about technology, he loves knowing about new and upcoming technology tools. He’s fond of blogging and likes to share all that he’s attained both through research, as well as practical experience. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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