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10 IoT Trends To Look For In 2019

As time is moving ahead, digital transformation is proceeding with exponential advancements, and digital marketers are looking for the best IoT trends for the upcoming year.

The Internet of Things has been filling the gap on the World Wide Web and is predicted to produce more than $344 billion.

From business, software, and technology, there is a wide array of possibilities.

Keeping that in mind IoT is evolving as we speak making everything smart through machine learning but the presence of data-intensive technology has created more security threats as well.

Whenever data are abundant online, there is always a scope of fraud and exploitation.

In all the security clutter, the IoT has survived to grow and enhance.

Let’s look at 10 IoT trends to look in.

  1. GDPR Tightens Brands

With the new Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), half of the companies are still not compliant with the new regulations where the law is meant to create a better layer of data protection legislation for the users.

What does this conclude for the digital IoT trends? This will be a test for users to judge which companies actually care about their customers for protecting their data rights.

GDPR is not a local legislation, but it’s a worldwide amendment that is part of a global excavation project to remove and highlight the companies that don’t comply with protecting user data.

This movement will act as a warning to companies to find out better and secure ways to build a healthy customer relationship without misusing their data and privacy for the sake of marketing.

  1. Chatbots becoming Surreal

Chatbots is a fuss we all hate because of the machine operated algorithm which more or less has no response to out of the box queries.

Users had a worse experience in 2018 and are adamant to face the same in 2019.

We disagree because huge steps are being taken to ensure that natural language is used in the chatbots for sentiment analytics.

The possibility is diverse as some believe this would be a transformation for the industry as a whole.

Imagine the prospect of all the services and queries being handled by robots. Something close to what Apple has designed for Siri.

Fast food chains, banks, job recruiters and what not. It is believed that a few 40% of large businesses will soon adopt it in early 2019, making it a top IoT trend of 2019.

Question is; how will these changes hinder or impact the workforce.

  1. Creation of an evolved Integration

The biggest challenge IoT faces are from the mismanagement and cooperation from the industry to create a solid unified IoT framework as with no central shared platform companies, and developers are inbound in creating virtual solutions having no contact or link with other departments, keeping each other in isolation.

With no or nil collaboration, the IoT transformation has slowed down in 2018, which hindered the progress of technology.

For any developer, this has been a huge drawback because the mass number of tech is being developed with no regard for its full utilization.

That ultimately led to significant challenges being faced by IoT.

Some understand that Blockchain could evidently enhance the speed by developing apps that have a high-performance outcome which shall support data processing.

  1. Blockchains Full Utilization

It’s hard to agree, but Blockchain is in ruins, it is not in any shape to be understood and used by a layman.

The only possible way to make it work better or to be understood is to create a plug and play option where any of all could understand and use it.

IBM continues to make potential out of Blockchain for application apart from cryptocurrency.

Many have started implementing it for Hospital management records and patient records to be maintained on Blockchain.

The financial industry is observing closely to adopt Blockchain in the application of transportation and services.

At this time there is only room for trial and error because of the technology in hand.

It’s a wild guess that in 2019 more developers will make this happen with increasing potential of Blockchain.

  1. Consumption-Based IT Services

Multiple agencies and companies are interested in creating efficiency for a more flexibility with their workload and having the audacity to be faster in returning profits.

This means having a revolving Sales Force is a must for becoming a heavyweight in CRM as being a Service.

IT services were the top of the line investment, is now a requirement by many due to its endless possibilities.

With the growing service, companies are becoming more sophisticated to adjust IT services for scalability for latest technology, lesser and shorter procurement cycles.

It will only increase if companies tend to use IT services in the upcoming 2019.

  1. Computing Services to Establish

The increase in IoT has a security weakness which increases the number of devices working behind Firewall network.

Securing IoT devices requires more than keeping secure the physical devices themselves.

Incorporating safe security into software and network connections that are interlinked to the devices.

Long time back users worried to safeguard their smartphones and computers and all the home appliances, including IoT devices.

A fact of life is all the things connected online can be hacked, and it is a challenge to overcome it.

The IoT current marketplace has a slow pace, but in 2019 it’s predicted to expand bringing in more power and computers with an addition of networks.

  1. 5G Fixed to 5G Mobile

Traveling? You’ll be surprised to switch back to 3G while traveling because of the lack of 5G network towers.

5G has been introduced a while back, and its towers and network stations are everywhere now. But still there is a gap, and you won’t find 5G everywhere.

If you’ve been kept updated with the tech forums and community, you should know companies like Nokia, Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung and Huawei who are working to introduce networks in rural areas as well.

AT&T and Verizon are among the first to offer better services for its smartphone users, and it’s robust to use 5G on smartphones.

2018 did not see a fix for the 5G issue, but 2019 will undoubtedly be looking at this issue as telecommunications company have started working on it.

  1. Data Analytics Machine Learning and AI

Without data, there will be nothing to protect or made better. Digital transformation depends on the content and data that companies create a store and offer to make good products, services, strategy, employees or an organization.

But the problem is seen when the data is not used effectively because of the cybercrimes.

Multiple data is targeted, hacked and misused just because no protection is catered or provided.

That is the reason you need something to protect your identity and companies name to hide your IP to protect IoT devices with a VPN.

In 2019 it’s expected to see an improved processing power for a better machine learning.

  1. Steady Growth

Previously IoT apps surfaced with a technology for homes that were expected to rise and become whole in 2018 as homes have become interactive.

But due to the slow growth, the process has become slow. However in 2019 its expected that the growth will enhance and a faster pace will be seen.

Currently, some of the companies are surviving with fragmentation and security issues that need attention.

With IoT, the industry that will boom fast is healthcare, supply chain and retail industries which are taking advantage of the need for verbal communication with customers.

Read More: IoT in the Healthcare Industry.

  1. Strategic Disaster Management

Current IoT updates seem to have a more significant focus on processes of technologies and are deemed to respond to a dynamic security environment that is moving devices, management systems that will bear fruits in time.

These are the ten predictions of IoT trends for 2019 that are surely become a reality in a few months and will see a better more robust technological era with enhanced security and privacy disclosure for customers.

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