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Top 21 Tips to Create a Highly-Converting Landing Page

Some of the truest words ever had spoken – “You only get one chance to make a first impression.

If you are an online merchant or running any business having a website, you can make your first impression best with perfect High Converting landing page.

What is landing page?

Everybody knows that a landing page is the first page where the visitors arrive after clicking on any promotional link or a banner ad or any other ads.

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It can be a particular page or a separate page created mainly for search engines to promote the business. Main purpose of these pages is to convert visitors, such as buying any product, or registering to your site.

Poor performing landing page can make your conversion rates; at the same time perfect landing page can help you to improve ROI.

Here we are going to tell you some important tips on how to create a highly-converting page.

Wait! Before we start, let me assure you that.

There is no ideal paradigm for designing a perfect landing page. You don’t even find a standard manual or step-by-step guide to design such a landing page.

But, there are some designing techniques tried and proven by professionals that will help you out.

  • Attention Grabbing Headline

Headline – the first thing noticed by visitors when they arrive at landing page.

SO, the headline needs to be clear and strong enough to get a quick attention of visitors. Make it simple, short (having 20 or less words) and meaningful, that informs the user what the product or service you provide

  • Sub-Headlines

Once you get the visitor’s attention, then it’s time to create a sub-headline to hold that attention. It will make them stay and think to take an action. Normally, sub-headline is positioned right after the main headline.

Make sure it should have some elements of persuasiveness. You simply have to take the concept of your headline and stretch it little bit further.

  • Useful elements – Bullets, White space

Nobody has time to read a long paragraph or everything you describe on a page. If something is tedious, it becomes boring!! Most of the people are interested in reading the main points or bullet points instead of going through the whole content.

Your users are skimmers and scanners and loves cleanliness. Therefore, use of bullets, white space makes your site clean and more readable.

  • Nice Images

Somebody says, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Yes, it’s absolutely true. Images relevant to your product or services are more effective. But, make sure pictures should be large. Use high-quality image to draw attention of users.

If you are selling something, then use pictures of your product. While selling services, you need to add images that highlight your service.

  • Clear Explanation

Now you’ve a superb headline and sub-headline that is capable of grabbing attention of your customer, but that’s not enough. They also need to understand what kind of products or services you offer.

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Provide clear and brief explanation to describe your product/service. An explanation can be incorporated with your headline, sub-headline, images or separate paragraph. You do not need to make it too complex, straightforward and simple are more beneficial to the readers.

  • Good Content

Content is also an important factor that matters in the landing page. It is recommended that do not use lot of content to explain about your product/services to users.

All you need is a little piece of information that conveys what you are offering. That’s it.

  • Follow 5 sec Rule

Yes! The “5 sec rule” applies to your landing page also. Obviously, if your page doesn’t look appealing from the start, no prospect will stay. You’ve got only 3-5 sec to impress your customer to stay.

  • Main Objective

Have you ever asked to yourself-What’s your main objective?

What do you expect from your website to do for your business revenue?

What do want your visitors to do after landing on your site?

Think about that, set your objective and build your landing page according to the very same objective.

  • Points above the fold

What type of information or points you need to keep above the fold? And the answer is simple. All the necessary information and content that is beneficial to grab attention of visitors can be seen on website, without scrolling (above the fold).

  • Value Proposition

Everyone need a solid reason why they should buy from you if they get a better choice? In order to answer this question, provide a convincing list of benefits to your customer. Show them what you have got that your competitor doesn’t have. Use images and words to showcase your value proposition on your landing page.

  • What you Offer

Before creating a landing page, you need to have a good offer that your target audiences wish for. Giving a discount, coupon voucher and something that people actually want will help you to convert your visitors to lead or customers.

  • Know your user

It’s essential to know before creating a landing page that you are designing it for people who are going to use your product or service. Find out and make a list of likes and dislikes of your customers. Check out their demographics and online behavior before you actually design a landing page for your website.

  • Contact information

Show your visitors that you really exist. Sometimes information is not enough for them and they want to talk or contact to real person and contact information on your landing page help them to clarify their queries.

  1. Use phone number on which they can call
  2. Links that connect social networks an address
  3. Map of your location
  • Optimize your landing page

You need to create a landing page which should be mobile optimized.


As per the information gathered, Smart phones and other mobile devices are more preferred for internet access rather than desktop. It will help you to make the conversion process easy.

  • Easy navigation

Avoid unnecessary navigation links to make your landing page as simple as possible. Make sure that your landing has clutter free layout. Showcase your information that is relevant to your product or service and use minimal words to do so. This will be more helpful to convert.

  • Use complementary colors

Use complementary color in your design to make your page more attractive. Make sure to use contrasting color to highlight Call-to-Action. If you’re not as better in picking a color scheme, use tools such as Adobe kuler etc.

  • Include testimonials

Trustworthy testimonials are the best way to show your visitor that people have trust on you and your services. Share good thoughts and quotes from your customer. Make sure you could use testimonial from real customer accompanied by their face or name. Prefer photo or video.

  • Add social share buttons

Your landing page is incomplete without social share buttons. In this era of internet, people are more active on social networks. Most of the customer makes purchasing decision based on reviews shared on social media. Google likes a landing page having social share buttons.

  • Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Main purpose of a landing page is to get your customer to take action. For that, you need to make your CTA crystal clear. Make sure to use a CTA short and upto the point, highlight them using contrasting color. If you want to use buttons, it should always be in different color and above the fold on your landing page.

  • Use relevant meta-tags

Not heard of this word?

If you’re not a technical – don’t worry. Meta tags are your site’s background components that Google reads. That’s why they’re more important for your landing page. You need to use them in your title, keywords, and descriptions and also in alt tags for image.

  • Test

All the key points you have included on your landing page. But, are you sure it will works best?

How do you know that landing page works in a manner exactly you want it to be?

Test – only testing your landing pages can tell you what options works best for your target audience. Implement A/B testing on various was landing pages with text, CTAs, layouts etc.


Try out the tips that we have mentioned above. These are just a few among the numerous tips to create a perfect High Converting landing page. We use them in our projects and found it to be helpful and we guaranteed it will also help you with creating a perfect landing page to increase conversion rate.

We’d love to know how some of these tips are helping you to create highly-converting landing page. Post your success story in the comments section below.

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