3 E-Commerce Web Design Mistakes That Could Hamper Your Online Sales

Creates an eCommerce website?

Wish to see myriad of visitors?

Everyone loved to see such kind of response, isn’t it?

But, it is not so easy to get a crowd of the customer. Why?

Because sometimes owner themselves does not know the mistakes that keep their customers away from their business.

Success with an eCommerce website depends on several factors, understanding human psychology, and testing is most important among those. Unless you don’t know how much users expect, browse and use your website, you won’t be able to attract them.

While testing will be your final phase which defines the performance level of a website. Conversion studies should be conducted while designing your site. You need to aware of the mistakes that actually hidden in your website design.

Let’s take a look on some mistakes that could hamper sales so badly:

  • No or Lack of a Clear Value Proposition

Why should anyone buy from you when they have other options such as Amazon? Here, a strong value proposition is your argument for converting visitors into buyers to purchase a product or service from you. Lack of clear preposition creates difficulty for users to understand what you want to sell. So, provide them with a clear explanation of your product and a solid reason to buy it.

  • Unclear Description for Products

The product description is extremely important when you are selling different things or products. For example, most people buying a piece of furniture care about how it looks in their space. However, people buying a TV or say Washing Machine are more concerned about the functionality as compare to how it looks.

In such case, misguided product description can prove to be a great factor for your business decline. If users get disappointed with your service, you can’t expect them to buy again.

  • Failing to use Quality Images

Undoubtedly, images are the better way to describe your product as compared to words. There are numerous items which are purchased by looks rather than description and specification. For instance, shoes, clothes, pottery items, showpiece etc. It is necessary to display such items with a high-quality image. It may lead to 10-15% increase in your sales. Hence, never compromise with quality images and do invest in it.

Final Words

Have you ever found any of the aforementioned mistakes in your website?

No!! Then it’s good. If yes, then I have a strong hunch that this post will help you to fix them immediately.

Manthan Bhavsar

Manthan Bhavsar

Working with a leading eCommerce web Development Company, Metizsoft Solutions, Manthan Bhavsar is one of the most brilliant go-to people when someone thinks to hire eCommerce Experts! A techie by profession and a technologically driven person by passion, Manthan Bhavsar aren’t shy to blog and share the knowledge he has with the world. If you want to follow Manthan, you can do so on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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