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7 Mobile App Development Mistakes You Should Never Make

You have started a business and want to cater to a global audience needs. Therefore; you decided to get a dedicated mobile app for your business.

You hire the best app development company and they give you a mobile app but still, you fail to achieve your goals.

Did you know why? The reason is that many professional mobile app developers tend to make mistakes that hamper the overall user experience of your mobile apps.

Due to this, people don’t spend more time with your mobile and ditch it eventually for a competitor app.

With millions of apps in the app stores already, users are literally spoilt for choices so don’t expand to hang over your app even after a couple of bad experiences.

As a business, there is nothing worse than seeing your customer abandoning your app and using the mobile app of a competitor.

To ensure that does not happen to your mobile app, this article will tell you about seven mobile app development mistakes that can ruin your mobile application, so you don’t repeat them again.

  1. Loading the App to The Brim

 With user expectations at an all-time high, mobile app developers are loading their mobile apps with a feature so much so that it sometimes overwhelms the user and negatively impact user experience.

Unlike other app developers, mobile app developers in UAE focus on the mantra of doing one thing and do it better than others.

Instead of packing your mobile app with truckloads of features it is important to focus on improving the user experience and enhance the utility of the included feature.

Keep the number of features low but make sure they function smoothly.

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  1. Betting big on Downloads Than User Retention


According to Quettra data, an average app loses 77% of its daily active users in the first three days after installation. Within a few months, it sheds off all its daily active users.

Despite dismal user retention rates, most businesses are diverting all their energies towards getting more downloads, which is quite ironic.

What if your app gets downloaded millions of times but only a handful of people use it regularly? Will it be useful? No, right.

That is why it is important to focus on retaining your app users instead of getting more download.

When you change your focus from downloads to user retention, you will have to improve user experience and deliver users what they are looking for in the most convenient fashion.

Managing to do that successfully will help you prevent a sharp dip in daily active users and persuade app users to use your app again and again.

  1. Developing for Multiple Platform At Once

 Another mistake most developers and businesses make is that they start developing apps for multiple platforms simultaneously.

Whether you are developing for Android or iOS, each platform has different requirements. Focus on one platform at a time so you can do justice to their specifics to create a winning mobile application.

If you try too many things at once, you will most probably mess everything up therefore, it is highly recommended that you deal with one platform at a time.

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  1. Expecting Quick Returns

 Don’t get me wrong, most business owners, after listening to success stories starts to set higher expectations.

They think that they have got a dedicated mobile app for business and now they can sit back and relax and success will come their way.

With success, I mean return on investment. Don’t expect to get the return on investments in months. It might take years, so you have to be patient.

Why do I say that because the only handful of apps makes money so if you are looking to make a profit from your mobile app?

  1. Ineffective Testing

 With hundreds of apps launched daily, app development has quickly become a saturated market.

Due to shorter app development cycles and tighter deadlines, most mobile app developers tend to spend less time in app testing which is why many buggy apps reach app stores.

Once the user downloads the app, it starts to malfunction and also have many security vulnerabilities, which hackers and cyber attackers can exploit to gain access to user’s sensitive data.

Testing phase usually becomes a scapegoat due to tight deadlines as most developers ignore or superficially test the app, which results in buggy apps.

Imagine the dent this will put if your dedicated business app has errors and bugs.

  1. Neglecting Negative Feedback

 Most app developers think that their job is done when the mobile app reaches the app store. Unfortunately, that is not true.

In fact, their job begins when the app is used by users as they have to continually refine mobile application in the light of user feedback.

Improve the mobile app and fix the bugs in the light of user feedback in the future version of your mobile application.

Never ignore negative feedback from users as it helps you to improve your mobile application.

As Bill Gates put it,

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

  1. Failure to Consider Hidden Costs

 Whenever you go to an app development company to get a mobile app for your business, they will present a rosy picture in front of you.

You would be happy to see the higher app user retention rate and usage rates, but these numbers are nothing but a fad.

There are many hidden costs involved in mobile app development that they won’t tell you about it.

As a result, you end up paying more than what it should cost. Take everything that they say with a pinch of salt and it will help you set a realistic budget.

Remember the longer you project continues and the more complex it is the more money you have to pay as hidden costs start to accumulate.

Never forget to read between the lines in the contract before signing on the dotted line.

Which of these mobile app development mistakes you have made? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.


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