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Apple TV’s Streaming Paid Subscription is Coming; Can Apple Help Make More Money?

On August 1 morning news, Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) on the conference call hinted that the company will launch an entertainment service, but did not disclose the specific content.

In the Apple third-quarter earnings conference call, Cook praised Apple’s recent collaboration with Oprah Winfrey.

The two sides have reached an original content cooperation agreement that has been going on for many years.

Which is widely regarded as a signal that the technology giant is preparing to declare war on Netflix and Amazon in the increasingly crowded content field.

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“We are very happy to work with Oprah,” Cook said in a conference call.

“She has unparalleled ability to connect with audiences around the world – no one can. I think we can make first-class originals together. Content.”

Cook also specifically mentioned the “two respected TV executives” who joined the company last year – former president of Sony Pictures and Television, Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Ehrlich Jamie Erlicht, who is responsible for Apple’s global video business.

“I am very excited about the current progress.” Cook said,

“We have outstanding talents in this field. They come from different fields and are very optimistic about the services we will eventually provide.”

According to technology information The Information reported last month, Apple is developing a subscription service to integrate Apple’s original TV shows, music services and magazine articles.

This service is similar to Amazon Prime – but only provides entertainment content and does not include e-commerce services.

According to reports, Apple is expected to launch a digital news subscription service next year, which will be the first step for the company to take this broader service.

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But Apple did not mention anything related to this.

The Apple CEO just hinted at a TV service, and he pointed out that some “key catalysts” are reshaping the entertainment industry.

He also said that users of traditional cable TV services are accelerating to reduce, “speed is beyond people’s broad expectations.”

In addition, Apple’s own Apple TV streaming service has also achieved double-digit growth, and third-party video subscriptions have also been welcomed.

“All the things, all the functions that were forced out because of external forces, all indicate that the dramatic changes in the content field will accelerate.” Cook said, “We are very happy to develop something – but we can’t go into it now.”

The streaming service in Apple TV finally has a unified paid subscription entry.

Bloomberg quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Apple is preparing to integrate various third-party video subscription services in TV applications.

Users can pay for one-time purchases through in-app purchases instead of going to each service provider separately.

This will greatly simplify the user’s subscription payment process. Previously, Apple TV has introduced multiple video content providers including ABC, HBO, etc.,

Users can directly browse content directly in the TV application, but still need to jump when it comes to member subscription or separate content purchase.

Go to the corresponding service provider’s own application.

The person familiar with the matter also revealed that Apple plans to officially launch the update next year, but now all the details are still under discussion. Apple officials declined to comment on the matter.

Since its launch in 2016, more and more video subscriptions have been supported in Apple TV apps, and it is supported on multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV.

However, in today’s increasingly competitive online streaming service platform, Apple TV applications have not shown a significant competitive advantage.

For example, their streaming service is very similar to Amazon’s Amazon Channels. Users can subscribe to third-party streaming content through the latter’s Prime Video channel, while Amazon Prime paying members can also watch online, listen to music, and more.

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Based on Amazon’s current 100 million Prime members, this is a very imaginative service area.

In terms of online video on demand, Apple also has a big gap with competitors such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

However, for Apple, which has slowed down hardware sales growth and needs to expand new growth points, service-related business categories, including streaming media services, are playing an increasingly important role.

In the most recent quarter, the revenue contribution of this business category to the company has increased by almost 31% to $9.2 billion; by 2021, this number may climb to $50 billion.

Compared with Steve Jobs “cold” on Apple TV, Apple’s strategy is now more of a “smart home hub” in Apple’s strategy, which will connect Apple’s hardware and software to create a collection of entertainment and entertainment.

A new experience in everyday life, “redefining TV”. Unfortunately, domestic users are still not enjoying it for the time being.


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