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Today a large number of Bloggers often use Google AdSense as a way to monetize their Blog, the problem comes when applying for registration to the Google platform, and many of them are found to have been rejected.

Others are surprised that their AdSense accounts disabled, in some cases temporarily, but in many others permanently. Why, as for the reasons that money indeed matters a lot.

In summary, the little or a lot of money you earn is the consequence of the work you do base on the knowledge and area.

How Things Work

When you know how things work, you are able to implement them, refine them and replicate them as many times as you want personally, we think that AdSense is not exactly the best option for all blogs.

Your advertising service, fill rate varies depending on the niche of your blog and often shows ads with a low CPC, which reduces your advertising revenue.

So we recommend you do tests with other alternatives to Google AdSense, or even have them working together.

There are a lot of advertising networks that can make you generate very good if you are working in an important niche and receiving excellent traffic.


It is a good standby for AdSense. It also offers contextual advertising such as Google AdSense, but its traffic source is mainly powered by Yahoo and Bing. is aimed at small and large publishers that produce quality content.

Even if you have a small blog with some content, the chances of getting approval are high, although US traffic is required to obtain approval.

Compared to AdSense, has better quality in the appearance of the ads. You can customize your ad unit, changing its color, font, and size to better fit on your website.

United States traffic is required to obtain approval. The minimum payment of is $ 100.

For income, this one is the biggest relevant promotion program, number 2, and fills in as a confided in counsel to top administration of a few noteworthy distributors.

Also, there is a global recognition for this as it has its offices located in different parts of the world. A portion of its customer distributors incorporates Forbes etc. is outstanding amongst other contrasting options to AdSense. This system mostly includes relevant promotions that work in a marginally unexpected manner in comparison to other ones likes the AdSense.

Despite the fact that they are incorporated inside customary sizes, these promotions more often than not have a few connected watchwords.

Tapping on a watchword DOES NOT create income for the distributor, yet a second screen that shows pertinent advertisements shows up. Income is created when guests tap on one of these promotions. Promotions Work

As it were promotions work similarly as AdSense and no more different than that of it.

Since, for the most part, displays logical commercials, there are a few components that you should remember.

In the first place, it might take a while for the promotions to be advanced on your site.

The advertisements will investigate the substance that is shown on your site and demonstrate the catchphrases that are viewed as pertinent to the encompassing substance (i.e. logical).

As the example measure grows, a calculation will figure out which catchphrases create the most snaps and income for the specific gathering of people.

In this way, in the event that you will attempt, you should focus on a genuinely expansive example estimate keeping in mind the end goal to precisely quantify the benefit capability of this system.

Also, advertisements tend to work better when there is one or, at most, two promotion units for each page.

On the off chance that utilized in various positions, there will be impressive cover amongst catchphrases, and clients will encounter unavoidable losses.

Accordingly, begin with the utilization of a solitary promotion unit and assess the incremental income produced unit-by-unit (that is, with no other advertisement unit executing advertisements).


You may likewise need to consider the recurrence impediment usage of promotion impressions.

For instance, you might need to confine the impressions of units to two for every client for each day and enable AdSense to be enacted later (this would influence a decent test to run).

As it were, is by and large best utilized as a supplement to AdSense, as opposed to as a total substitution.

One of the greatest favorable circumstances (and the manners by which this system contrasts from Google AdSense) is access to a devoted record delegate.

While AdSense is a “dark gap” with regards to inquiries or solicitations for help, gives distributors access to a genuine person who answers addresses and even makes proposals about chances to enhance benefits.

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