Hosted Ecommerce Solutions Vs Opensource Ecommerce Solutions

In the Digital and Smart apps world now many people thinking to sell the product online using the eBay and Amazon or some third party custom store But few are moving ahead by one step and try to think about own e-commerce websites say as the online store.

While searching for right platform people come to confusion to select store development platform as here is the generally well famous platform targeted by customers that are :

Open Source (PHP) eCommerce Solutions:

  1. Magento
  2. Opencart
  3. Prestashop
  4. VirtueMart
  5. Cubecart

But as per the latest trend now people expecting 24X7 service form platform service provide so people now giving priority to platforms like.

Hosted eCommerce Solutions:

  1. Volusion
  2. Bigcommerce
  3. Shopify
  4. 3dCart

Few More…

Now as per the choice both have pros and cons first ask the following question to your self.

  1. How many products we need to upload and next 1-year target
  2. What are the current budget and next 1-year planning
  3. Geolocation for sale

Here your first answer is almost more then 1000 products then I would suggest going for open source custom platform because as per product you need relevant option set and that is generally limited to the hosted solutions.

The second question visits the hosted solution Monthly plan as per the product limit if that easy to afford for you go with hosted but if a product is less then may be open source development team charge you less and that one-time fee rather then ongoing.

Third Question geographic location so it makes difference in payment gateway and shipping methods so check the feasible methods before selecting hosted platform because there is generally no option to add custom payment methods.

A hosted eCommerce solution is affordable for small product range and limited product option with small shop vendor as its easy to manage and available support for 24 x 7.

Manthan Bhavsar

Manthan Bhavsar

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