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How is Internet Used in Digital Marketing?

Ever since internet was fully commercialized in the mid-nineties, its influence on all aspects of our life has steadfastly increased. In the business world, having your own website was once considered a novelty with no measurable benefits.

As the internet and its users matured, a company’s website transformed into its digital face. Today, businesses of all sizes have websites and put a lot of effort and resources into maintaining them.

Not only that, websites has become the first point-of-contact for digital sales as well as aspects of customer service. Let’s say my Frontier internet speed was a bit slow for my taste.

To remedy that, I can visit the Frontier website, lodge a complaint and get my issue resolved through the convenience of the internet.

The influence of the internet is most obvious in the marketing aspects of business. While traditional marketing is still useful, the world is embracing the era of digital marketing.

In this blog, I will explore several ways businesses can utilize the full potential of the internet in their marketing efforts.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most recognizable forms of digital marketing. With the rise and popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, new marketing opportunities have opened up.

Since social media is popular across most demographics, it grants businesses unprecedented access to larger, even global markets. Social media is free to use and has the capability to position a business in front of its desired customers.

With a large number of social media users globally, businesses only have to choose specific audiences they want to target.

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Social media also makes it easy to identify social trends and orient your marketing efforts towards them. Facebook in particular allows a lot of room for businesses to amass a following and engage with it.

In fact, many businesses exist solely on Facebook and manage sales, advertisement and customer service through it. Social media marketing is a powerful tool, vital for businesses to succeed in today’s world.

  • PPC Marketing

Pay per click or PPC is a method of advertising on the internet that has emerged over recent years. It’s a great way to get traffic directed to your website, paying for clicks on your ads.

Based on keywords entered, your page will feature prominently on a search engine results page. This is a great way to ensure your ad is being displayed to the right audiences.

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Additionally, you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad, which in itself filters out uninterested parties. Google AdWords is a particularly good tool to research the right keywords for your PPC campaign.

PPC marketing allows you to be reasonably sure that the right audience is engaging with your ads. It’s a relatively cheap and efficient way to get your business some visibility and conversions.

  • Content Marketing

Content is a broad term. In the internet world, it involves any image, video, audio etc that fleshes out the form of your website.

Businesses that generate fresh and engaging content on a regular basis create a perception of trust and continuity.

Most websites have blog sections that contain content for the purpose of engaging customers and visitors. This is one way to market your business. The idea is to offer your customers knowledge that interests them and capitalize on the interest generated.

The field of content marketing has metrics that are not easily quantifiable. As a general rule, content should be original, engaging and informative. The holy grail of content marketing is having your content go viral, but even getting it good visibility is sufficient.

Good content also helps with the next aspect of marketing we will discuss, SEO.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is consciously arranging your website in a way that it shows up prominently on a search engine results page.

While SEO does have the potential to rank your website on top, you will have to work hard to improve your rankings. This is especially true of competitive/popular search terms which a lot of similar businesses are optimized for.

Additionally search engines themselves employ very good SEO personnel, so it’s advisable to take a more quality oriented approach. This can be done by creating good quality content relevant to keywords that are trending.

Another aspect to consider is getting other websites to link your website, showing people like your content and share it. SEO is a continuous process, but the benefits it yields in the long run are undeniable.


There is a reason why you see Frontier online deals ads on the internet more than TV or print media. More and more consumers are embracing the internet as a medium to buy products and services. Correspondingly, more and more businesses are embracing the internet as a source to generate leads and sales. The internet offers a unique resource of information that can be channeled into your marketing strategies.

Stephen Mills

Stephen Mills

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