Make a Blog on WordPress

How To Make a Blog on WordPress?

WordPress is the king of blogging, right?

Because it has created never-ending opportunities for the people who want to explore their talent in the blogging field and once a hobby of the people now has become a profession. And the interesting fact is that you are not alone in the count of people who have started the blogging using WordPress.

But what if you are not aware of technical terms and looking to set up a website or blog in WordPress, it becomes a tough job but my friend it is not impossible.

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Even though you are newbie still you can set up your blog by purchasing the WordPress hosting plan in that you will get the site builder, with the help of that you can set up your blog instantly.

This article will guide you accordingly on “How to make a blog on WordPress”?

It Is Made for Bloggers!

In 2003, two developers Mike Little and Mike Mullenweg have designed WordPress for everyone.

The aim behind developing WordPress was to introduce blogging and making access to both – newbies and professionals who have experience in development and design. Avoid 7 Common WordPress Mistakes

Today, if you check the user’s graph of WordPress then it has already reached its goal. The list of WordPress users is never ending and big players like Disney corporation, New York Post, and Time Inc have set up their website using WordPress.

Getting Started With a WordPress blog

Introducing a self-hosted blog with WordPress needs only three things which are as followed below:-

  • Domain:-

To develop a blog you require a domain name and it is useful for the user to recognize your brand.

You can select the domain of your choice and check the availability of domain with the domain name registrar or web hosting provider.

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If your required domain is available then you can buy it for a specific period either from a domain name registrar or web hosting provider.

It is suggested to buy a unique domain that is related to your business niche only, this will help you to take your business on top of the search engine.

  • Web hosting:-

Next step is to buy hosting from a popular hosting provider for your website.

Want Managed WordPress hosting?

Then try MilesWeb Managed WordPress hosting powered by JetPack. They offer amazing features in their Managed WordPress like Server Caching, Cloning, CDN, Railgun, Daily backups, WP-CLI, GZIP, Brotli compression, SFTP, etc.

They offer three plans starting from Jack Rs. 455/mo and continued by Queen and King plan. You can buy any plan depending on your requirement.

  • Content:-

After buying the domain and hosting your website is all set to add content on it. It is beneficial to design the basic plan of content for your blog, hence you can customize the blog later to get your brand on the top.

To customize your blog, you can use themes and plugins as per the requirement.

Install a Theme for Your Blog

The advance version of the WordPress provides all the latest tools in the dashboard. You can select any theme for your website and set it up accordingly.

Thus, various WordPress themes are available at free of cost in WordPress theme directory or you can buy a custom theme from a designer.

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Moreover, most of the themes are designed for the general usage, but some are optimized for a particular niche like writing or cooking. In the WordPress directory page, with the help of filter option, you can search for a particular theme.

Customize the Theme

With the help of tools, you can easily customize the WordPress themes via WordPress Admin dashboard.

You can access all the customizable features such as changing the header, fonts and page layout.

Additionally, if you have enough knowledge in design and development, you can operate the file section in the hosting dashboard for source files and style sheets.

Include features with Plugins

WordPress is a giant because it comes with all the necessary elements that are useful to set up a basic website.

If you need a unique feature for a specific website then applying a small code will get your feature live on the website.

You can add a blog related plugins like social sharing, cross-posting on other sites, email lists, tracking analytics, etc.

Create and Publish Posts

There are tools available for developing two types of content:

Pages and Posts. For static informational content, pages like about us, policies and disclaimers are developed and posts are useful for publishing frequent updates such as blogs and FAQ.

From the above screenshot, you can get an idea of the WordPress dashboard. You can easily add content and create a post with the help of all available tools.


This article is enough to know how you can make a blog on WordPress. In the beginning, you may find it tough to operate the WordPress dashboard, but slowly you will become an expert for the same.

You can implement the famous quote “Practice Makes Man Perfect” and grab the opportunities in the blogging sector.

Ritu Roy

Ritu Roy

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  2. I too am a big fan of WordPress. WordPress is really the best CMS and offers several themes and plugins with which you can create amazing blog or a website.

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