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How to choose between iOS and Android for App Development?

This one of those debatable questions that is making a lot of people argue about.

But when it comes to building your startup business and you are thinking to take your business and services to your audience via mobile apps.

There comes a million dollar question

Should I first launch an iOS app or an Android one?

This question is always prickling the minds of software engineers, mobile app developers, marketers, college students, and the list goes on.

But there is no common ground in the statements that are being made by either of the parties.

The Market Share of the iOS and Android

If you look closer to your surroundings, you could notice the ratio between Android and iOS phones used by the people.

Based on many statistical data and surveys it came to evident that Android is still ahead of iPhone, the majority of the user side with Android due to various reasons.

And yes, iPhone has joined the Smartphone club late can be one of the factors to be considered but still, there are a lot of people using Android Smartphones for so many reasons.

When considering all these facts, as a startup founder you should be asking is

‘Which suites you better, an iOS App or an Android App?’

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Attainment Started with the Analysis

The market share of both the mobile technologies are not the same, the actual scenario is Android Market Share > iOS Market Share.

And this isn’t just about the numbers, but before we dig deeper let’s take a look at what these matrices and the variables that are taken into consideration.

But it cannot be concluded right away with this statement, there are a lot of other matrices that need to be taken into consideration while developing mobile apps for startups.

If you consider developing in both the platforms then you are almost covering 99 percent of the users.

But even if you’re thinking to develop on both the platforms, then you might get baffled at

‘which should I start first?’

Keep reading to gain an insight and to end the scalp scratching.

iOS Apps are Known to Generate Higher Revenue Via In-App Purchases

Even though the iOS market shares are pretty low compared to its rival Android, it still generates more revenue than Android.

This is because of the in-app purchases that are available in the App store.

By the time of December 2015, iOS game apps alone witnessed revenue of more than $1 Billion.

This shows iPhone users are more likely to be upgrading to the premium apps and other paid subscription than Android.

Even though the Android’s market is steadily increasing; it is a fact that it is still lagging behind Apple’s iOS apps.

By the year 2015 iOS apps have generated 75% more revenue than Android.

How Emerging Markets are Focusing on Android vs. iPhone?

The emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and South America is where Android being in the top position because of the pricing and the accessibility of iPhone.

By the year 2015, Android had swept the market with more than 90% of the market share.

One of the main reasons is that Android devices are having a higher market share in the market is because of these countries pricings as well.

In the current market scenario, an iPhone is four times expensive than Android devices.

Considering the pricing of the iPhone and the average income of a person living in any of these countries has a drastic difference.

Developing an iOS App is More Even

When it comes to the mobile app development, iOS app has a consistency where Android doesn’t.

The development doesn’t need much complications and compatibility isn’t sure in Android and Android is an open-source development, it is pretty hard to ensure the compatibility over different devices.

But in the case of iOS devices, the app works almost same for all the devices and a better connectivity is created here.

If an iOS app is developed it can be used for all the Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

So it is obvious that this alone eliminates a lot of workload and time during the development phase.

Now Over to You

I believe that I have taken a lot of points as well as the important points into consideration, and it isn’t an easy decision that can be made in a one go.

While you have gathered some information here, now consider a lot of data and analyze it.

There is another thing that you have to consider like your objectives, app or service type and the budget, by which you can get a clear view on this.

Take look at your business and your targeted audience, and also the device they are using then you can come up with a solution.

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