5 technology trends

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2018

Innovation isn’t straightforward, and in today’s world wherever everything is turning into digital, innovation is technology initial and quite complicated.

Over the years, the linear model of innovation has been tweaked to incorporate these variations—the part gate model (e.g. NASA 1960), market pull (e.g. picture redaction software), and technology push (e.g. Samsung Galaxy with touchscreen technology in 2012).

No matter your business model, rising technologies are a key driver.

Let’s check out however prime technology trends area unit expected to drive innovation in 2018.

Each of those technologies impacts multiple functions in a corporation and influence totally different industries differently

Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning



  • Artificial Intelligence:

Thanks to fascinating advances in AI, health care will foresee to lower prices for medical treatments and method improvement, additional correct and easier ways in which to predict health outcomes, and improvement in patient expertise and provision.

Plenty of patient knowledge, like medical and imaging records, and prophetical analytics can facilitate forestall and cure diseases in time. Nudge-based systems might presently cut back hospital visits.

AI for automakers are concerning driver less systems that might even predict your destination and for banks, it’ll be concerning superior end-user expertise.

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AI for retailers can be concerning machine-driven inventory management whereas, for enforcers of the law, it can be prophetical policing.

For B2B firms, AI can facilitate lead generation and prophetical account management and sales. Corporations are expected to avoid wasting nearly $80 million in pay expenditure by using bots.

AI also will reshape payments by serving to scent out fraud and managing risk whereas streamlining the payment chain.

Meanwhile, the controversy over social, moral and political considerations of AI can continue.

  • Robotics

Not all robots need AI. Other than chatbots, police work or delivery drones, and surgical robots, AI is revolutionizing several sectors in varied different ways.


More corporations like Zipline can use drones to acquire vital medical supplies—blood, medicines, anti-venom, vaccines—and carry them off safely to remote corners, saving lives quickly. Drones are being employed for search and rescue and for construction and review.

In agriculture, drones can notice increasing use to find crop health and manage placental. Some corporations are operating with public safety staff to spot innovative uses of economic drones.

Manufacturing issues can still use robotic systems for deposit, delivery, and for different processes in 2018. The staff on the mill floor, trade goods salespeople a lot of middle management, etc, Drones are getting to get replaced by robots prior to we expect.

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With Associate in Nursing raised demand for robots, want “smart” workers WHO are flexible, curious, and diligent, and thereby drive innovation. The business remains in its infancy.

Trends indicate growth in RaaS (robot-as-a-service) and cooperative robots within the coming back year.

Going off on a tangent maybe, however some fascinating analysis highlights “the power of early exposure to AI and writing in defying gender stereotypes toward technology and engineering fields.”

This can be yet one more reason to urge excited regarding the sphere of AI and its innovation potential.

  • Machine Learning:

By 2018, additional of the massive firms are going to be moving far away from ancient ways in which of chatting with shoppers via emails, texts, or chat boxes.

Riotous technologies can commence “machine-mediated informal promoting” to rework content marketing by delivering the foremost relevant and personalized content to the audience, whereas enhancing client expertise and rising engagement.

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Banks, like Danske, area unit analyzing client information to spot the client’s favorite suggests that of communication and predict alternative customer desires.

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With milliliter creating it troublesome to inform apart machines from human, security measures can get to get additional inventive than CAPTCHAs.

ML can become commonplace within the finance business by serving to firms predict whether or not a selected client would default or doubtless to be in debt in the future.

Healthcare house, new milliliter algorithms area unit already being employed to search out simpler ways in which to modify mental diseases, determine unsafe behavior, and predict cirrhosis of the liver mortality rates and advanced coronary metallic element.

  • IoT:

According to nihilist Sachs, there area unit 5 main web of Things (IoT) verticals of adoption: wearable’s, connected cars, connected homes, connected cities, and industrial web.

Every year the thought of property becomes additional fantastic and comprehensive than before. The quantity of digitally connected devices area unit set to extend phenomenally within the next 5 years.

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In 2018, human-to-human, machine-to-machine, and human-to-device interactions can improve more.

Perhaps, the retail sector can profit quite most owing to sensors-based analytics. Sensible school can facilitate retailers in various ways—from determination that store is hottest with consumers and boosting sales to reducing wait time and dispatching store representatives to boost client expertise virtually right away.

IoT Innovation can facilitate firms manage loss because of thievery, track inventory, and modify client interactions.

The commercial IoT market is gathering power, and IoT devices can facilitate in observance equipment/processes and contour management methods.

The Internet of Things can enhance fleet management, and sensible offer chains can boost productivity in lesser time. What sensible technology can still liquidate succeeding year is to facilitate improve insurance, scheduling, and records in hospitals.

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Everyday tasks like turning on the thermostat or the lights are voice-led. Sensible homes can provide firms with priceless activity knowledge that improve client targeting and scale back the value per client particularly for SMBs.

Inattention, wearable devices, implants, contact lenses, and connected ink tattoos area unit expected to grow exponentially.

The conception can drive innovation in automotive, healthcare, and money sectors to attain competitive differentiation.

“You May also know The Bright Future of Internet of Things

This bridging technology between the digital and physical world will higher neutral higher cognitive process via deep insights gained on modeling client behavior or enhancing situational awareness for preventive maintenance and plus optimization.

But fix vulnerabilities within the security of world infrastructure systems can stay a key challenge within the IoT sphere.

  • Blockchain:

Blockchain, a distributed ledger with an inherent agreement mechanism to hold out secure transactions, goes full force, desirous to disrupt all areas of finance, tech, and society.


In 2018, capital markets are going to change a lot of with confidence to Blockchain platforms, biggies like Accenture are going to be seen moving on to real-world applications and use cases from proofs-of-concept.

The launch of a market-ready cryptocurrency and an economical international fund-transfer system supported Blockchain area unit on the cards for a few banking teams.

In its happy journey disrupting numerous sectors, Blockchain technology is anticipated to bring abundant relief to freight and supplying.

In 2018, fascinating cyber security applications of IoT and Blockchain can emerge counsel reports. The decentralized, immutable Blockchain technology will forestall information stealing from connected devices.

We area unit probably to examine a lot of Blockchain-powered crowdfunding. Crypto-crowd funding is a few things to seem forward to in property investment.

Blockchain technology is anticipated to bring transparency, responsibleness, ease, and trust to those areas in 2018: business credit reports, business accounting, world men management, achievement and background checks, proof handling

Many think about it overhyped and believe it’ll have a slow development cycle.

Ankur Busa

Ankur Busa

The outcome of new technological advances will depend on how they are perceived - as threats or as opportunities. 2018 promises to be exciting with innovative technology trends, such as edge computing, conversational platforms, immersive experiences, intelligent analytics, self-driving cars, making life infinitely more satisfying & exciting.

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