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Top 6 WooCommerce Plugins to Power up Your Online Store

WooCommerce is indisputably the most widely appreciated plugin for eCommerce available on WordPress. This software comes integrated with several amazing features one would require for creating a full-fledged online store.

However, the third-party plugins make for an important integration to the software as it is the only element that brings out the unsurpassed in WooCommerce. These plugins serve as WooCommerce extensions for adding extra features and functions.

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If you have been planning to build a new online store for your business or wish to add some additional features to the existing one, here’s a list of some of the best WooCommerce plugins you need to checkout:

  1. Advanced WooCommerce Reporting

Priced at $35, this plugin helps with extracting the most crucial statistics for a website owner such as the type of products people prefer purchasing the most, where the visitors come from, number of refunds processed, etc. Advanced WooCommerce reporting helps you monitor all of this info through advanced analytics and reporting feature.

Advanced WooCommerce

You can get a detailed reporting system for your shop. Since WooCommerce does not include one to report how your shop performs, the plugin fixes this problem. Features such as categories, visual product reports, billing, refunds, countries, stock list, etc. offer added advantages. The plugin offers compatibility with gravity forms.

  1. Wishlist Plugin

With wishlists, you can enhance user experience. It also helps convert sales via helping visitors create their personal catalog of favorite products.

The plugin is free and an excellent way to add the much coveted ‘wishlist system’ to your existing store. The customers can easily save products for buying later.

The plugin allows you to customize wishlist button appearance precisely to match existing website theme. Wishlist Plugin is mobile friendly and comes integrated with features such as responsive design supporting retina display, custom CSS styles, and wishlist sharing on social media.

  1. Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

This WooCommerce plugin is priced at $29.

Introduction of seasonal discounts and offers is crucial for attracting new customers and boosting sales. The plugin comes up with a brilliant solution for managing promotional campaigns on your site.

Dynamic Pricing

The novice friendly and easier to set up plugin will support options for dynamic pricing such as flash sales, special offers, deal of the day, bulk pricing, and much more.

Though additional features, you can include more options such as “buy-1-get-one-free”, custom promotional setups, discount application to product groups, exclude matching products, extra charges with taxes, and checkout fees.

  1. Aliexpress Dropship

You need to shell out about $40 for this plugin. It will ease the process of managing dropshipping websites. With WooCommerce, you can save a huge sum of money on monthly recurring fees for overrated platforms just to create a thriving dropshipping business.

The plugin will let you build one via integrating Aliexpress with online store.

A hot favorite among professional freelance web developers, Aliexpress helps you locate economical products for constructing dropshipping stores. Products can be imported straight from Aliexpress and added to your store. Additionally, it will import reviews on product from the platform. Prices for products will also be updated automatically to ensure frequent update of shop.

  1. Multi-step Checkout Wizard

The plugin is priced at $19. It offers an advanced checkout system to direct users through billing/payment starting from registration. The feature is very helpful if you are a website based on single product or services such as a web hosting platform.

Expect a streamlined checkout method for your WooCommerce store. It will take your users from the initial stage of register/login and direct them through use discount/offers coupons, billing, shipping, and payment process.

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You may even customize this plugin to have a custom checkout technique of your own. It offers support for mobile devices and is WPML compatible.

  1. Currency Switcher

The plugin is available for free and a very beneficial one if you aim at attractive international audience.

It allows you to switch currencies. You can expect support for conversion of real-time currency. This means your customers will get to know about prices of products in their own currency.

The plugin will effectively extend your reach to a broader market. Available with three widgets; currency rates, currency switcher, and currency converter, it also displays country flags to help users find preferred currency.

Currency Switcher comes integrated with some additional features such as support for 4 currency aggregators, shortcodes, and change of currency automatically depending on user IP.

In a Nutshell

Wondering if it makes any sense investing in plugins (third party) for WooCommerce store? Experts say – ‘yes’. Some of these are available for free while for others, you may have to shell out around $50. So these are affordable and a proven way to boost user experience. The features offered will help you attract target audience and enhance sales prospects. With a third party plugin, you can make the most out of WooCommerce shop.

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