iPad vs iPhone

What Makes the iPad Better Than the iPhone?

This is the common question that requires discussion and people generally confuse themselves while deciding what to opt. for whether an iPhone or an iPad.

Many people say the iPad is a giant thing to run with all day and that is why they switch to buying an iPhone instead.

But they overlook this that an iPhone might have a bigger screen but it is nicer and gives the look of a laptop and works like one too.

iPad or iPhone

iPad can be used for:


Because of its big screen size and because it is easy and comfortable to hold that is why it is easily used for writing notes or even a book if you wish!

Reading Books

Thanks to so many applications available online because of which you have the access to so many books online and that too free!

Working on Excel Sheets, Making PPTs

This feature is available in the iPhone too but it is not easy to work on excel sheets and that too on the iPhone, therefore, iPad is mostly preferred to make those lengthy excel sheets.

Even if you wish to make PPT’s then too you can use an Ipad because of the same reason that is the big screen, easily accessible and easy to work on.

Alternative for a computer

The only difference is that it is light and handy and can be carried around more efficiently without the need to carry something big.

All the important official work can be completed and done while on the go.

These days it is considered the best alternative to a computer and because of which it is the highest preference of many people who are always on the run because of their work.

Alternative for a Television

You can watch high-quality movies, videos and pictures on the iPad and it is the best alternative for a television.

Binge watch your favourite series, TV shows and whatever you feel like watching.

Video Calling

Though calling is not an option in an iPad but Apple provides this facility with the feature of facetime and iMessage with which you can easily make calls and stay connected with people.

Files saving and handling

Save unlimited files and handle all your data easily and sufficiently in an iPad. Enjoy watching your old videos, images and documents in the iPad.

iPhone can be used for:

On the go web browsing

Take it along with you anywhere and anytime. It is not a bad option when it comes to watching movies, video calling, voice calling, in fact, it is a great option.

Easy to carry, handy and can be carried in the pocket too

Not heavy, just super handy and super comfortable to hold it in your hands. In fact you can easily sleep while travelling with an iPhone in your pocket.

Phone Calls

You can make phone calls from one sim to another with the iPhone whereas this is not possible in iPad.

Apple iPad has the facility which helps you to connect to the internet with the help of Wi-Fi and send and receive messages, make video calls etc.


iPhone vs iPad Applications

They both have the same set of applications and you can buy either of the two to get access to the unlimited applications.

There are apps that are iPad specific except for a few as some can only run on an iPad.


Every time a new iPhone is launched in the market it comes at a huge cost and people are more than happy to splurge money on it.

However, iPad is still much more reasonable as compare to the iPhone and also provides better options.

If you wish to buy an own this beauty then you can opt and buy a refurbished iPad online or you can also try other models like refurbished iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro etc. too.

So, have you now come to any conclusion? Has this read made your choice more clear.

Both are fantastic in their own kind, so self analyzes what and which thing solves your purpose better!

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Jeremy Hill

Jeremy Hill

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