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Know About White-Label Services That Will Boost Your Revenue In 2019

Just think this way – there is no need to be an expert on development when you’re into marketing.

When you are into digital world running a business, doing everything can be overwhelming.

Handling branding, marketing, reputation, social media activities, etc. can be difficult and you may find it hard to keep up with the pace.

Businesses want to consistently grow and it may not be always possible to offer clients with everything they want and demand.

So as a business you should focus on doing what you are best at and deliver it in the best possible manner.

This does not mean that you should not think about the other client requirements. You can easily handle them through white label software and app solutions.

They will fill the gap and offer products and services which are in demand from your clients.

What is White Label Solution?

White label is a process in which you rebrand and sell products or services of others as your own to your client.

A company will be responsible for developing the products here and it will be rebranded by another company and sold in its name.

You can say that that the first company works on to fulfil the needs of the second company which can, in turn, satisfy its clients.

Suppose company A is behind developing a software solution, then company B will be rebranding it and selling it as its own.

For a company taking advantage of the white label business opportunities will be able to in turn make profits through outsourcing that too without losing face.

Benefits of White Label Solutions

There are many benefits of going for white label solutions. You will be able to have digital marketing products added to your brand through rebranding and that are easily resealable.

Apart from all the other benefits scaling is one of the main advantages of white label solutions. It can help the business scale in a number of ways.

  • Scale your offering: You will be able to add in new products and services to your brand offering by opting for white and private label solutions. As a business, you will be able to grow quickly and expand your agency.
    Scale your costs: When you go for the process of reselling the products and services you are saved from spending the additional resources and expenses. You will not have to go through the process to set up any IT development work. There will be no pressure on the in-house team and no training required.
  • Scale your revenue: With white label solutions, you can easily boost the revenue of your agency. Buy products and services from a company at a low price, then add up your price to it and resell under your brand name.

In short, white label solutions offers you tremendous opportunities to grow your business without many efforts all the while offering the best you could have.

Some other important benefits of white label solutions are as follows:

  • Increase revenue and profits: You get to create a new stream of revenue for your business when you add in a new digital marketing service.
  • Increase client retention: With more products on your online store, you have better chances to grab client attention and make them stay for longer time.
  • Grow your business reputation: When you have all the digital marketing solution that will keep the small businesses going, you will be looked upon as a local expert.
  • Focus on the core values of the business: When you have to spend less time on building features and taking care of all small alterations, you will have more time to focus on the agency and work on its core values.

Top white label solutions which are said to increase revenue in 2019

Here are a couple of digital marketing areas which can be effective white label selling opportunities.

  1. White Label Mobile Apps

What is White Label Apps?

White label apps are a mobile application which is developed by white label app development company and rebranded and resold by another company.

White label apps can simply be a product which many companies rebrands and resells to their clients or it can be a service where company B gets a project from the client and it is completed by company A for company B.

Why Apps?

The current market scenario points to the fact that having a website is not enough for the survival of a business.

With 90% of people using smartphones, mobile apps have become a very important aspect of online presence.

Today users spend the majority of their phone time using apps and so as a business, by developing a mobile app you can easily reach your consumers where they are.

But it is a fact that mobile app development is not a simple thing and there are a number of complexities involved.

Moreover, you will need a dedicated team to build mobile apps as per the requirements of your clients.

When you opt for the option of outsourcing mobile app development to a third party development company or development team, you can easily add this service to your existing offerings without having to worry about the technical aspects of mobile app development.

You don’t need a team nor there is a need to peek into its complexities.

Things to consider when opting for white label app solutions

Mobile apps can definitely add value to your offerings as a business but, you will have to deliver bespoke solutions that will appeal to your clients.

So when you plan to choose a white-label partner for your mobile app development you need to look for a number of things:

  • A complete customer app development available for your clients
  • All the apps should go under thorough QA testing
  • Regular progress reports of the app and app review made available through early versions.
  • Should support different revisions of the app versions
  • Once the app goes live on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, extended support should be made available.

Suggested solution: You need to find white label apps development company which is capable to offer a unique solution to your business clients.

Checking out the past clients of the development company will let you know how good they are with custom mobile app development and this will help you ensure that your project is handled by right people.

  1. White Label Website Solutions

What are white label website solutions?

White label website solutions are the kind of website related products or services which another company can rebrand and resell to their clients at a new price.

Now, this can be any as resellable website add-on products, website design services that are rebrandable or a website hosting reseller program.

The general and most common kind of white label website development service that you will come across in the market is that of provided by third-party companies.

If a company has got a client with the requirement of website design and development then it can easily get the service from white label website provider and then sell it to the clients under their brand name.

They can even add a new price tag which helps them make some profit on the business deal.

Why Websites?

When it comes to the online presence of any business, websites play a key role and it is called as the first doorway towards the digital world.

Whatever digital marketing approaches you to take up, you will need a website where you can streamline all your approaches to get a result.

For your clients, it is the base of their online presence and an effective tool to boost conversion rates.

Having a website build is the definite thing for your client and so it would be better than you approach them as if you won’t others will use the opportunity.

As a part of digital marketing efforts, 51% of the small businesses have invested their budget to websites.

When you choose to go for a white label website solution you will be able to turn your agency to a platform where your clients can reach you for their website development services.

Things to consider in white-label website solutions

Offering some level of website design and development solution from the white label solution partner and reselling them can work in the marketing arena.

Still, it is always good that you offer a complete package of designing and developing the project and then hosting it for your client through a white label provider.

You can also easily find add-ons for your websites like live chats, appointment schedulers, form builders and much more across the web.

Suggested solution: Right white label software development company can help you rebrand and resell the website solutions to the clients through a holistic approach.

There are services available to host the website on the Google Cloud platform. This easily makes a number of digital products available for the clients to buy and use.

For website designing the information can be collected from the client and in return based on the information, you can approach the white label solution partner to design websites.

Some risks to consider before you go for white label solutions

Just like any other software solutions, you go for; white label solutions come with some pros and cons too.

You will always have to consider some risks when you are getting the products and services outsourced from a different firm. Some of such things which you should be careful of are:

Swapping quality for the price tag

When you are trying to balance the price of work and its quality there are chances that things may go wrong.

Does your white label service provider take time to research on the projector you just got a product developed which is low in quality?

Now you need to have proper answers for these questions as you will be selling the products or services in your brand name and if anything goes wrong your reputation will get spoiled.

You need to be sure standards are not compromised at all. If you feel that that price tag that they are offering is very sweet along with high-quality product promise, beware.

Inconsistent branding

If your core services do not go well with the product or services developed by the white label firm then you cannot have them.

The right white label software partner will ensure that the product developed is keeping your brand in mind and so it will easily fit into the business offering with consistency.

You should look for the inconsistencies that prevail in the products or services that are delivered to you by your partner.

You don’t want your clients to get suspicious about you and lose trust in your business.

Remember there is nothing bad in taking up the service from the third party and including it in your core business services but.

Consistency is very important and so you should take time to see that everything delivered from your partner is perfect.

Unreliability and poor connection  

You need to be sure that the third party service provider on whom you are depending to get your software products developed is reliable.

You need to be sure that they are following the timeline of your clients and are communicating the project progress regularly.

It is important to know that they are clear about the project and will deliver it on time.

You also need to be sure that they will not leave the project mid-way leaving you in a dilemma.

Just be sure you clear these things to ensure you are getting reliable services.

If things go the other way it will affect your relationship with your client and hurt your branding.

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